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Created on September 9, 2009, is a blog that created to share information about blogging, internet, science and technology. This blog is created by a young 14-year-old Indonesian. He is a young man named Arvian. Daily blogging tips (Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp) made to share the latest informations about blogging, internet marketing (online business), and gadget. In addition, also always provide information about the latest cellphone prices and the latest broadband internet service rates. Here is information about the main content of - Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp:

Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp made by a young Indonesian who has a passion in the world of blogging. Therefore, Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp have a lot of articles about blogging. Blogging articles in made for beginner bloggers. This is because the maker of this blog is a blogger novice still learning about blogging.

Internet Marketing
If blogging is your hobby, then you have the opportunity to make money from your hobby. Blogging is an activity related to internet marketing. This is because blogs are very effectively used for advertising programs. Currently, many monetizing program for webmasters. Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp also provide various tips to make money from blogging.

Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp is a blog about technology that has many articles on gadgets. Gadgets that are discussed in Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp include cellphones, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and tablet pc. You can find the latest information about gadgets in such new laptop reviews, cellphone specifications, notebool prices, and more. Also, get the latest news each month as well as cellphone prices and a list of the latest broadband internet service rates.

About The Owner of Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp
Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp created by Arvian. A child who was born in Jakarta Indonesia, 7 July 1995. Coming from a modest family, he certainly has a lot of obstacles in developing its potential as a child that passion in the world of blogging. Actually, I not only have a passion for blogging. I love science and technology. However, due to limited funds, I can not develop my hobby. But blogging is a simple hobby. Blogging does not require substantial funds. Only with my cellphone and internet access, I can still update my blogs. Besides, blogging is a hobby that can make passive income. Therefore, I will continue to develop the hobby of blogging although having lots of problems. This is all for my family, and for Indonesia.

"Indonesia has a lot of gifted children. I am just a small part of many underprivileged children are hampered in developing its potential. If moral leaders of this nation can be improved, I believe Indonesia will bea strong state. And I'm sure it must be occur "

Well, enough of introductions of Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp and its founder. Please click contact us if you want to give criticism, suggestions, or would like to contact the owner Blog Pemula | Teknologi Hp.

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