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Saturday, May 29, 2010

8 Google Services That Important To Blogger

| Saturday, May 29, 2010 | 4 comments

Google and bloggers can not be denied anymore proximity. As the current search engine giants, Google has many services that are needed by the bloggers and webmasters. The following are eight services that are essential for google's blogger.

1. Google Webmaster Tools
The first is the google webmaster tools. Tools are provided to diagnose any site. Inside there is also google analytics. You can analyze your site with this tool. There are analysis of your site that is the speed of loading pages, most popular keywords on your site, traffic, crawl, and others. Use this tool to improve the quality of your site.
2. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is provided free of charge to analyze your site statistics in detail. This tool is intended to marketers for marketing purposes. This tool to view a website visitor data coming from all referrer such as search engines, ad networks, and others. Use this tool for your marketing purposes.
3. Google Trends
This tool is provided by google to search 100 topics and keywords that are popular today. This tool as a step to increase your blog traffic. Use this tool to find keywords that are popular, then write on your blog. You will get many visitors.
4. Google Insights
Google Insights is similar to google trends. Insights on google, you can search for popular keywords in a way to filter your search. You can search for popular keywords based on location, time, or a specific category. Use this tool to search for popular keywords, then write an article on your blog. Will increase your blog traffic high. I've been through google Insights on the previous article is "how to find topics that are much sought after and popular keywords".
5. Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a service owned by google to know the developments and relevant topics. Google Alerts will send updates via email. Google Alerts are also useful for monitoring the google dancing.
6. Google Translate
Google Translate is a service provided by google to translate a one page if it does not have good language skills. With this service, bloggers can make a translation widget to increase traffic visitors from various countries. For example, see the flag icon on the right sidebar of this blog. It is useful to translate this blog page to another language. So, the blog you can get visitors from other countries as well. You also can translate other languages into the language of the article you with this service.
7. Google Adwords
Google Adwords is Google's advertising services. You can put an ad on the website here. This is useful for getting traffic to your website and increase sales or marketing your website. Google Adwords provides External Keyword Tool to help you find effective keywords to advertise your website.
8. Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the opposite of Google Adwords. If in google adwords, we put an ad or as a advertiser. Well, in google adsense, we served display ads or as a publisher. Google Adsense is a way to make money online or Monetize your blog. Payments based on a visitor clicks an ad for your blog. Please see the article How Good Ads Placement In Your Blog.

Well, that's 8 google service which helps us to blogging or internet marketing. Please provide your feedback by commenting.


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Penyo said...

dah saya pasang linknya di page link exchange mas..
salam kenal dan sukses selalu..

camera said...

dah lengkap banget mas infonya..

maskasih banyak ya..

salam kenal/....

Arvian said...

@ penyo= sip, link sudah saya pasang. Terimakasih...
@ camera= salam kenal juga, thanks dah mampir...

Yonas said...

Salam kenal........
Kunjungi balik ya.......

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