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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trick How To Find Adsense HPK (High Paying Keyword)

| Tuesday, January 11, 2011 | 3 comments

What is adsense HPK (High Paying Keyword)? High paying keyword is a keyword to use on your adsense ads with high cost if this ads is clicked by your web visitors. High paying keyword is keyword to increase CPC (cost per click) of adsense ads. High paying keyword is a way to increase your google adsense revenue. Why high paying keyword will be increase the cost per click of adsense ads? This is because advertisers pay a premium or higher for their ads with a special keyword. So, the adsense publishers benefit too expensive per click. Well, how to find adsense high paying keyword? Lets check it out.

Trick How To Find Adsense High Paying Keyword:
1. Go to Google's Keyword Tool.
2. Choose descriptive words or phrases.
3. Enter a keyword or phrase associated with your blog content to the textbox.
4. Make sure your checklist to use synonyms.
5. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click get keyword ideas.
6. Select Show Allat the option dropdown.
7.Select $ USD in the Calculate Estimates Using Maximum CPC.
8. Enter 100 in the box provided.
9. Click Recalculate to display the estimated CPC for each keyword.
10. Click the column headings Estimated Avg. CPC to sort the table based on the estimated CPC. Click it again to sort the table from highest to lowest CPC.
11. Take a look at the list of keywords and phrases are displayed. Observe what is new keywords and phrases that provide opportunities for earnings per click your adsense.
12. Next, you can edit the content of your blog back so that contains keyword / phrase just now, or use it to write your content later.

Some bloggers or adsense publisher may be reluctant to use it and prefer to relax when writing blogs.
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Happy Earning!!!


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thanks :)

Arvian said...

you,re welcome

tidar said...

HPK bahasa indonesia apa ya?

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